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Daily Bread Food Bank 

Daily Bread Food Bank 

This project is a campaign for the “Daily Bread Food Bank” of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area.) This is always a very serious problem and is even more critical due to the pandemic.  

Hong Kong 

2019 summer 

Hong Kong is such an amazing special administrative region of China  full of possibilities. You might be  amazed by all the beautiful streetlight and historical  sights. What behind those bright lights is what interests me the most. According to HongKong HongKong is ranked as the world's most over worked city. According to South  China Morning Post, There are also huge wealth gaps existing in HongKong, where low income workers are not sharing the fruit of economic growth.

A drop in the ocean

The relationship with nature and human beings is always inside my mind. When I am surrounded by nature, I feel comfort, I remembered who I am and feel connected. We all need to stop and think about  relationship with human beings and  nature and be grateful of what we've experienced. 


Model: Ruochen Zhan 

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