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Hubba Bubba Functional Gum 

Hubba Bubba is launching a functional bubble gum line that is healthy for you, There will be 3 lines: Energy Gum, Sleep Gum, and Relax Gum.  

This project is about rebranding Hubba Bubba and designing two Facebook ads for Hubba Bubba Functional gum. 

what to keep from existing design In order not to alienize the existing customer:

-Playful and colorful packaging
-Slogan: “Big bubbles, no troubles.” Change to ‘Big functions, no troubles’ or
‘more function, no troubles’
What to add:
-Healthy: Use of real-life ingredients to represent healthy and organic.
-Functional: Color Choices are very crucial to represent different functions,
for example, blue and purple represent sleeping

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